JPP Imports create guns from the finest SV Infinity parts, carefully hand fitted, personalised and test fired by Master Gunsmith - Andy Elkan.



A Custom gun is necessary for the top end of the competition market where tolerances have to be exact. Factory guns are assembled on a production line within a few minutes and have generalised toreances in the machine parts to allow any slide to function with any frame. A SV gun is the result of taking the orginal 1911 design and adding 100 years of continued improvements, including numerous key patented features exclusive to SV. With a custom gun several days are spent machining parts to an exact fit by a skilled Gunsmith.


Andy has been trained at the SV Factory on a 1-on-1 basis by Sandy Strayer and has achieved
the highest level of approval to produce his own custom SV guns, one at a time.

Customer specific features such as the style of the slide grip grooves are easily incorporated at
this stage on the milling machines.



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